so sleepy!

let me tell you how excited i am for this weekend....well sunday anyway. i have been traveling so much lately i haven't had time to catch up on any missed sleep. so come sunday (i have to work 6am) i will sleep till i wake up. i already told sister so leave me be. i can't even wait.

in other news, i have progressed in my yoga practice. the crow is my new best friend. i have been holding it longer and feeling more confident in doing it. the classes i have been going to are starting to mix it up more so it makes it more fun and interesting for me to go. baby steps.

tonight i think i am taking it off and heading to the bar for a little bit. some 'drunk bunny holiday celebration'. i would feel guilty 'celebrating' easter this way if it was on a sunday, however, since it is on a wednesday i will see it just as a time to see my friends. leave sunday to celebrate the meaning of easter. (also, don't forget to watch the huckbee show on fox news this weekend for my second debut--if i look like i am wearing the same clothes as last weekend its because i am--they didn't let us change. ha)

there were two things i wanted to mention yesterday that i didn't get to because, um, i was working.

1. do you drink more water than you would normally at work just to get time to go to the bathroom and get away? i found myself doing that yesterday. any excuse to leave my desk and get some me time. however, 'me time' in a bathroom isn't as pleasant. but i will take what i can get.

2. do you get depressed when you look up the number of calories in your FAVORITE food? well i have managed 6 years without looking up moes/qdoba/chipotle calories and yesterday i just randomly felt like it. HUGE mistake. i guess i will no longer order the burrito when i go there. the tortilla adds like 300 calories to the meal. i think i teared up a little. although i do want to clarify i really don't care about calorie counting, i just like to know what my options are. now i have one less. ha. so lesson: unless you are ok with possibly not eating your favorite meal once a week like you are used to--don't look up the calories. (kyle--i am sure you would be ok with any calories coming from chipotle. so i will send some your way)

oh! any one of my bffl's got a job yesterday! congrats amanda! i am so proud of you! i would send my kids to you if they needed a social worker. and i had kids....can't wait for the next visit to dc!

no other news on the dc front. other than it is still cold. supposed to be 81 degrees this weekend. yeah, i will believe it when i am in my bathing suit enjoying it.