scott walker is legit.

ironic i missed yesterday. being that i was actually doing work yesterday considering i was completely unproductive hungover.

anyway, went to the caps game last night. super fun. nice to break up the week with some entertainment. and we won! (yes i consider the caps a 'we'...i have been here for 2 years). this is my fave playa:

scott walker i heart you. you can't tell here but he doesn't have any front teeth. that is why he is my favorite. doi.

tonight i am hoping to either sleep until tomorrow or nap and go out....which one should i entertain??

tomorrow sister and i are heading out to the g-parents house to have dinner and catch up. make sure they survived the blizzards. a little late but better than never. basically just so i don't have to shovel more snow than i need to...

sunday we are heading to the one and only chocolate festival....three chocolate fountains....lions and tigers and bears oh my! next week will consist of a complete detox. no sweets. no alcohol. no food. sike. who am i kidding?!? i can't give up alcohol! ha.

peace out. its friday and i am thinking nap time....going out wins....