march already??

being that it is the first of march, lets take a look back to what i have accomplished this year.....SIKE. let's not get ahead of ourselves. first, its monday. why would i want to start the week off depressed?? kidding. i am extremely accomplished.

anyway, this weekend was a bit of a let down. and here are two reasons:
1. got up on saturday to go to a yoga class and was surprisingly not hungover. so i get dressed, drive there, and lay down my mat. quickly the class starts to fill up. which was weird since it was on saturday morning. i was hoping everyone would be sleeping in. on the contrary. anyway, i noticed the average age of the yoginis were about 70. so i rack my brian to see if the title of the class was "geriatric yoga" but i don't recall that being the case. so after about 20 more 'senior citizens' place their mats directly next to mine, i realize, i am getting the hell out of here. i don't need to see a 70-something man in short shorts doing yoga on a saturday morning.

2. after doing housework/taxes/party planning all day on sunday i was going to my usual sunday power yoga class. which was to make up for missing saturday, friday, and thursday. and this class is so great! so i get ready and head on down to the gym. everything is going great and alarm! nothing worse than my 'last chance workout' getting interrupted. so strike two on weekend yoga. let's hope this week goes better. starting with tonight....wish me luck.

other than that, anyone want to do my taxes? please, not everyone at once....