i'm famous!

well i had to wait until today to tell you all about my weekend plans...suprise my momma! sister and i went to nyc to surprise her on her vacation. we told her we were going camping and couldn't swing it this time. little did she know what we had stewing. it was the perfect surprise. she was clueless! we had so mcuh fun. satuday we got up and walked around canal street to get mom a purse she was wanting. then got some BOOTS. made living up north official. against my will. then went to the huckabee show. i was pretty reluctant at first considering i didn't know what to expect. i was hoping he wasn't planning on polling the audience. little did i know. so we get there a little late. get a ticket that was numbered kinda high so i figured we would at least be in the back. wrong. the lady that was in charge of the audience came up to us and asked us (me, mom, and sis) to sit in the FRONT ROW. so if you want to see my claim to fame, we are on the huckabee show (see below) from this past weekend and next weekend since it is Easter weekend. fox news. check it out.

not too shabby....right??

got to meet him too! he was very nice!

other than all that, we walked a lot around the town. we staying in times square and felt like a tourist the whole time! which is slightly aggervating since i have been there before and knew my way around but it was nice to be in the middle of it all!!! we also went to the opening night of promises, promises with sean hayes and kristen chenoweth. so good!

i could also tie my other blog (dcbuslady) into this considering we took the bus there and back. what a ride. if i catch influenza from russia, it is the bus' fault. luckily no crashes. 

all in all, it was a great weekend. just ready for some relaxation. just don't know when that is going to happen. tonight i will attempt with yoga....

lovin' the rain too. sike.