i shouldn't drink on the weeknights...

i relived my college days last night. literally. went to college night at the bar. i can honestly say that i don't miss those nights. it might be because i don't have the same mind set as i once did. all i was thinking last night was oh my. i am going to be so freaking tired tomorrow at work. wow how boring! when back in the day all i was thinking was i think i should sleep through my class tomorrow so i can stay out later tonight! i miss the old whitney. but i enjoy the money. double edge sword i suppose. although occassionally i don't see an issue with boozing it up.

me later....minus the stache. ha

tonight i am not doing anything but watching american idol and going to bed. at a reasonable hour. tomorrow i will go to yoga and get back into my routine. i am so glad it is already wednesday! anyone else?

this weekend we have a lot planned. there is a chocolate festival that we went to last year and it is fantastic. what could be better than rooms and rooms of chocolate? hmmmm. nothing! so that will be a saturday day activity. and then i think i will want to see a movie. maybe get a little r and r. maybe pick out my outfits for the upcoming wedding festivities! i might even pack just to have something to do! i just have to remember to pack my bm dress! *mental note*