friday...the day of wonders....

not really. but it sounded good right?

today is a hectic day. i have so much going on at work lately (hence the lack of posts) that i have been working 12 hour days! not a fun life i will tell ya!

but i am all for this weekend! too bad it is cold again. atleast i can get some more use out of my new north face i got on sale!!!

other than all that, i am just trying to stay busy outside of work. next week is the cherry blossom festival and i am super excited about that. in addition to easter weekend! although, i am scheduled to work, i am hoping we take the weekend off since it is a holiday. keep your fingers crossed. (not likely).

sorry this is so boring but i will have some more to talk about after the weekend...its gonna be HUGE!

ta ta for now...