and im back!

after a well needed break from blogging--i got little work accomplished. which was my main goal. oh well. life goes on.

anyway, i returned from an amazing weekend on sunday afternoon. one of my best friends got married!! it was such a beautiful wedding and it was wonderful to see her so happy. we had quite the weekend planned too. i flew in on thursday and got picked up from the airport by another bridesmaid and went back to the hotel to catch up...over bud heavy tall boys. when asked why the bud heavy my only response was i am feeling a little trashy. now let me clarify why i was feeling a little trashy: i was in jacksonville. i woke up at 4:30 AM for work that day. sat on an airplane with a yipee dog. checked into an old as dirt fairfield inn when the brandnew holiday inn was across the street. and lastly i like bud heavy. soooo no other choice seemed appropriate. and it was glorious.

you can also see my trailmix adjacent. very nice. organic i think? yeah right.

anyway, friday we woke up for the bm lunch and it was so nice. some chicken crepes with asparagus. so good. friday night was the rehersal dinner down at the beach. had a filet with more asparagus. and a piece of chocolate cake. so yummy. and only like 3 glasses of wine the whole night. not too bad. but i did fail to mention the beers at the pool. whoops. atleast i am airing the dirty laundry now.

saturday we HAD to wake up for chickfila breakfast. if i ever have the option...i will take it.

so freaking good.

then we headed to the next luncheon on the 'to-do' list. chicken casserole. another positive to the weekend menu. catered and delicious. after lunch we got to spend some time out on the dock with our bathing suits on...don't worry i got a spray tan before i left--no need to blind hair and makeup done and headed to the church!

the ceremony was beautiful and went on without a hitch. the reception was so fun. the band was amazing and palyed some crowd favorites--tonights gonna be a good night. but this is where i tell you the best part about the ENTIRE weekend (minus the fact i got to see my bestie get married)....the wedding cake! it was TO DIE FOR. it consisted of: a layer of pound cake, whip cream icing, layer of CHEESECAKE, layer of whip cream, layer of pound cake, whip cream icing, another layer of pound cake, topped with the fondant. holy moly. i don't think i have ever eaten an entire piece of wedding cake and i did this weekend. should have gone back for seconds. but i was a little full from the shrimp and grits, sushi, chicken tenders, and so on.

so all and all, it was a great weekend. sorry i took the week off last week but it was needed for my sanity and my job. but i will be back in full force (hopefully) if i am not too busy this week.

peace out.