a raisin in the sun....

ok so minus the sun part and the part about me being the raisin. but i am eating raisins as we "speak." it is something that i haven't done in who knows how long. but i have been meaning to try them recently and i figured hey why not today? and they came in the trailmix i bought and it is too annoying to try and pick them out with every bite. the consenus: not too bad. but i also know i haven't been missing anything all these years. i hear they are good for you. so why not?

and to update you on my awesome friday night, which didn't go exactly as planned. it consisted of a pb sandwich ( would have been better with toasted bread--next time) and some snacking with wine we bought this week. couldn't let the wine go to waste. right? but that wasn't the good part. the good part is that sister invited a small yorkie to spend the weekend at our house. i know jugi needs some friends but......maybe a less energized one?? and of course we had our frequent visitor--our neighbors 2 year old....she is normally very cute and fun, however, add two dogs to the mix and you get one CRAZY child. i can see why dogs don't like kids. they just chase them around and shove toys in their faces/snouts. her time will come to get annoyed..ha. that is mean. but i am still bitter if you couldn't tell....

on a lighter note: i got my bridesmaid dress in for the august wedding....and i love it! perfect summer dress. way to go lindsay! you can't go wrong with a jcrew dress! although i do need to get my butt in gear. literally. anyone know the secret to making your butt smaller and doing nothing different? (silence) yeah i didn't think so. good thing i have yoga to go to. one day....i shall accomplish what my dear friend has inspired in me:

my hungry yogini is amazing!

check out her blog hungry yogini to read about her travels in paris and her foodie loves!

i think that is all for now. a short one. i know. but it is saturday which means this is a bonus round anyway. so there.

sunshine come my way....xo