procrastination is key.... not succeeding....

for what it is worth--i need a break from working right now. meetings rule my life. they are pretty terrible.

anyway, a brief update on my life recently: just got back from moes. what a delight. it really cheers me up to have the wholesome burrito i have been craving for days. no cheese. no sour cream. no guac. just the satisfaction of moes. and a diet coke. but eh who cares about a little coloring and syrup. not i.

last night was also a fantastic dining experience. headed out on the town (on a "school night") for a little socializing and entertainment. aka dinner and a movie. went to pizza paradisio for happy hour (which we didn't know existed there) and drank a couple 'swanky' beers with our individual pizzas. what a treat! however, it didn't stop there....stopped off for a night cream! followed by valentine's day. which i liked. a lot.

i have been keeping up with my yoga practice. making sure i am sore whenever i move. thank you. it is always a pleasure to stand up after sitting for a couple hours and thinking that you would rather saw your legs/back/arms/neck off than move another inch. although i push through the thoughts of pain and think of how awesome i am going to look in the upcoming weddings. i mean have you seen what yoga does to arms??!!

courtesy of:

minus the scrunchie of course....

i have been working on getting updates from my pedros (friends--feeling spanish this afternoon--must be my job). it is harder than before. i work too much. yoga too much when i am not working. and then apparently sleep less. but eh as a wise friend has told me many of time "sleep when you are dead, damnit". you know who you are.

this weekend we (me and pedros) will be traveling to italy. no mom, not really. we have plans to attend the much anticipated local italian sensation party. costumes/outfits to come. and by costumes i mean, something i would never wear outside of my house but it is not a costume party outfit. just to clarify. glad we are all on the same page.

anyway, i gots to get back to working.

american idol tonight. guys rule. girls drool.