ok ok

so it has been brought to my attention that i am terribly inconsistant with my blogging. doi. i have blogging a.d.d. nicely put lg. not offended at all. kidding.

anyway, i am still working on the format of this. i would like to add pictures and fun stuff. i have blog envy of my fellow bloggers....lindsay, court. one day.

my life has been pretty boring considering i work all the time. it consists of a hearty breakfast (bagel of course...or english muffin....or oatmeal), working 10-13 hours, sprinkled with some salad for lunch brought from home. or harry potter (harris teeter) hot bar chinese food. which was extremely disappointing. don't recommed it. topped of with a across the board dinner (homemade pizza, whole foods salad, pasta with red sauce and turkey sausage). with some valentine's day candy in there some where too! i am a sucker for red hots and converation hearts....tito im right there with you!

on other notes: i am buying lots today! a plane ticket to my friends wedding! i am soooo excited to see all of my friends and be a part of such a special day! and a bridesmaid dress! again, i am soooo excited to be a part of something to grand! i just wish i could do more! i feel like all i do is work and no time to plan anything! but im working on it. i also am attemping to buy a sled, snow boots, snow scraper, and whatever snow things i can find today. this hugemongous storm is coming tomorrow and i need to be prepared! 12+ inches. wtf. anyone want to switch places with me for the weekend? but i am going to make the best of it. i just hope my visitor isn't pissed it is snowing when it is 50 degrees in fla. he'll get over it after the first sled trip down the hill :)

i thought about buying this:
but it is a little expensive....(like my new goals of pictures??)

so anyone who is interested, come on over to DC for some sno fun this weekend!

cheerio! (can't believe it is the first time i thought about signing off that way. i am thinking it might be a regular occurance)