its been too long....

i have missed you. i miss waking up thinking about what to talk about today. alas, i am back.

now that i have expressed some of my sarcasm for the day, i will move on.

a fast update: valentines day candy is almost over. i have some more red hots left but i have a feeling i won't be able to say that tomorrow. i don't know what it is, but they are so addicting. luckily, after valentines day, i can move on to a more adult diet....gummy bears. ha. but there is nothing like haribo.

if any one can help with my addictions, please inquire within.....tito you started this mess!!!

another highlight of my weekend was SUSHI! a favorite of mine! spicy tuna and the crispy roll. soooo yummy!!!!

today, my body is feeling a little tired. went to vinyasa yoga last night and loved it! it is a little slower than power yoga so it more focused on breathing. but i will say it was still intense. i attempted the crow pose:

photo courtesy of:

i got up for about 2 seconds. and not up that high. but i am going to keep working on it....

tonight i plan on going to power yoga to get a good workout in before a weekend full of SLEEP. i need to catch up on some for sure. maybe a little dear john thrown in there. we shall see.