it all started with a little bit of polenta...

so after my strenuous yoga workout i wanted to stop by the grocery store to get some dinner. and as always, i am wondering the aisles with no ideas and no end in sight. so i found myself in the produce section. of course trying to stay healthy.

i try and remember what i buy at the over priced whole foods. kale. however, the prep i have never done. and since i am so centered, balanced, and just plain rejuvanated from yoga, i decide what the hell, lets make some kale. which was right next to polenta. and since it is lent, it seemed appropriate. nah i didn't really make that reference until right now. but clever huh?

anyway, i struck out 2 for 2. both were terrible. and i ended up eating an apple with pb. should have just started with pizza. atleast i know i would have liked it. better luck next time i suppose.

courtesy of: fitness buff

not much else is going on these days. just getting mentally prepared for the wedding in a couple weeks. trying to plan what all i need to get done before then.....
1. gift (can't post it here since the bride (hopefully) reads this!!)
2. color hair (suggestions?!)
3. color body (ha aka spray tan. i was thinking of using her as a guideline....)

4. figure out outfits for: luncheon, rehersal dinner, day-of lunch.

so glad it is friday! going to happy hour with work folks after work today and then i am planning on sleeping in tomorrow until i wake up! i am hoping sister doesn't have the whole day planned for me!

we shall see.....