im a winner!

last night was very exciting....we had a fundraiser for support for haiti and there was a silient auction. which i have never participated in before...until last night. i went in with a co-worker/friend on a weekend stay at a farm about 90 miles from here in pa. i am super pumped. i got a vacation spot and a good feeling of donating
to a great cause. sleeps 20....any takers?

other than that, same ol same ol.

tonight is the big night! the anticipation is over. a couple of my friends are heading downtown to partake in some italian festivities. i will let you know how that goes on monday. saturday if you are lucky.

other plans for this weekend....
file taxes (wishing and hoping for a HUGE return this year)
yoga (have to make up for lost days)
pretending that i am going to get some work done
laundry (my favorite past time....sike)

wow this post is boring.

i might have to come back after lunch when i think of some good stuff to write about to make my life seem a little less boring.