i wish. i wish. i wish i had a fish.

sike. but that is just the mood im in. i think it has something to do with the fact it is friday and i only worked like 3 days this week. but it would be nice to have a fish. i have been thinking about getting a kitten. again sike. man i am on a roll today. but if i did think about getting an animal it would have to be able to sustain life on its own. suggestions?

i am pretty excited about the movies that are out right now. i do think that valentine's day is going to be very good. you can't go wrong with julia roberts, jennifer garner, ashton kutcher, bradley cooper, man the list keeps going. i can't wait to see it. anyone else going this weekend to see it? opening night maybe?

i also promised i would be passing along some vital information about the english language. i think i might try and incorporate this section into my friday's posts (if i remember--which isn't likely). what i learned last night, and what i hope to start incorporating into my everyday language is:


now most americans would call these "bangs" but i learned differently last night.

i am hoping i can get a workout in this afternoon after work. but i just looked up the schedule and they don't have any classes on friday evenings. this probably stems from most people that go to the gym have normal social lives and have plans on fridays. i do not fall into this category. however, i would like to point out i have not been able to physically get to the gym do to the snow covered streets so i don't feel so bad. maybe i can go out for 10 beers after to make up for the lack of socialization.

and since we got a snow day on wednesday from work we get to make it up tomorrow. man, aren't i lucky?

so you might get a special saturday post! don't pee your pants in excitment!

sarcasm friday is my favorite....