don't even know where to begin.

me yesterday:

minus the dude part...but the beer, food, naps, tv--yes to all of it. it was glorious for about 4 hours then when all the good shows were over and sister and i were tired of talking....i. was. bored. i don't like to admit it considering i wish everyday that i could that, but yesterday not being able to leave the house without getting a face full of snow, i wanted to SCREAM!

however, sister and i did get some good quality time in there. baked a couple things: burnt oat crisps, terrible three ingredient peanut butter cookies, really great tofu chili (thanks to food network), and chicken and rice in the crockpot. also spent some time shoveling snow for the little one to potty (she still hates the snow but we are working on it).

i think she still wishes she lived in florida. but who can blame her?

did anyone else watch american idol last night?? i am not impressed with the talent this year yet. but then again, they haven't shown any singing. it has been commercials, drama, and more drama. so annoying. but i do have some faves already.

today i made it into work. party! not really. i don't want to be here. oh well. life goes on. but i am looking forward to the possibility of moes for lunch today. it hasn't been decided yet but it is in the top 3 choices. wish me luck....