working on it

Well one thing that I forgot to mention that I ate as an afternoon snack yesterday--JELLY BEANS! I am pretty sure that is my weakness. I went shopping at lunch to prevent any sort of food distraction and of course I couldn't hold out. Oh well! They are good.

But at least for dinner Sister and I cooked up some Chicken Stir Fry! Super simple, cheap and tasty!

We might have to make Tuesdays our healthy days because Biggest Loser comes on at 8 PM and I don't think it would be right sitting on the couch eating fried chicken drinking a beer while the contestants are sweating their hearts out. So instead I will just sit on the couch eating something a little lighter. ha.

I also started a new book ("Lovely Bones") and am attempting to finish prior to the movie coming out (or at least me seeing the movie). But last night I started it and in the first pages she gets raped and murdered. (It isn't a spoiler--it is in the previews) So as I am trying to peacefully fall asleep, I keep thinking about this horrible crime accosted on such an innocent girl. Nighty Night.

Breakfast (switched it up a bit):
Glass of Soy Milk

Graham Crackers with PB (yummmmmmm)

Same as the last two days but today I added CELERY to liven it up a bit!

Tomorrow's lunch will be worth all this monotony. You. Just. Wait. (I can't)

Keep Pedalin...