work sucks

so considering this is the first time i am writing since friday....ugh. i am writing while eating lunch.

update: not going to talk about this weekend. it consisted ow lots of beer, drinks, unhealthy food (not like mcdonalds, but not like a salad. but i guess there was a hot dog....). anyway, i have found the flaw in doing a food journal online: i actually have to have time to get online and write. i am working at it.

but i can talk about yesterday and today:
a couple slices of turkey
a couple pieces of an asian pear
coffee (i need it injected in my veins!!!)

salad with spring mix, carrots, celery, and bean salad (no dressing!!!)
diet coke (i have to have one downfall right?)

peanuts on the drive home

mahi mahi with lemon and garlic (a little too fishy for me but not bad)
asparagus in the oven
a nasty piece of rye bread (this should be reoccuring--only bc it is the only bread i am eating)
a long night working.

handful of cornflakes


spinach and feta wrap (amy's frozen meal--pretty tasty...but i have had better)

who knows what we will make for dinner. most likely tofu with some vegetables. the norm. but i am the MOST excited about AMERICAN IDOL tonight. it is the first episode of the season and it has to be my favorite show that will be on.

i will keep you updated as much as i can. i need to write more and work less. but i also like money. therefore, ta ta.