sunday sunday sunday

just a little update for the weekend...first time on a sunday! wahooooo!

this weekend was eventful to say the least. i came home from work on friday and watched about three episodes of brothers and sisters (if you haven't seen the show, i HIGHLY recommend it). so feeling pitiful for not going out i decide i should just go to bed. waking up at 4:45 to go to work again. awesome. i was hoping i would get out of work early considering it was going to show....but no. worked till 4. wtf. it ended up snowing about 8 inches yesterday. raced home to get dressed to attend a gala for work. running only on coffee and little sleep. so i transformed into the belle of the ball in 20 short minutes. then our adventure began.

like i mentioned before, it snowed 8 inches. and since i quite haven't mastered driving in the show, we decided to take the metro. small catch. we don't live anywhere near the metro. so "let's take a cab". well apparently cab drivers don't drive in the snow. none to be found after we walked the 4 blocks to the main road in our gowns and rain boots. wish i had a picture to upload. ha.

next best form of transportation--the city bus. now if you have been following me for a while, you know that i LOVE the bus. no joke. i was so excited to get back on that steel chariot! and since i don't ride the metro that often i forgot my metro card! so i persuaded the bus driver to ride for only 1 dollar! (35 cent discount, thank you). only after a few stares we make it to the metro in time to dash inside the closing doors.

luckily we weren't the only ones that thought it was a good idea to waltz into the ritz carlton in rain/snow boots. i am just going to say it was quite the sight. nonetheless, we made it and had a fantastic dinner. and some great dirrty martinis. and a to die for chocolate lava cake with vanilla ice cream. too bad i didn't dance the night away......

before we turned into pumpkins we made it home only for me to barely have time to take my shoes off before i crashed!

today, feeling soooo refreshed, i cleaned the entire apartment. took a nap (one of my FAVORITE things in the whole world). heading up to the gym to get a class of power yoga in before i do some laundry and work.

fyi, work rules my life. thank you.

warrior 3 here i come....x

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