just in case you were wondering....yes MOES was worth it. exactly what i wanted and needed.

afternoon pick me up consisted of peanuts and some aqua.

last night was my first attempt to live up to my blog's namesake. i had made plans to go out for the national championship game (which i knew would involved beer) and i wanted to make sure i ate a healthy dinner beforehand. so, i made a turkey and cheese pita, carrots and ranch, and because i just wanted something a little more: celery and peanut butter. i would say that was pretty healthy (compared to pizza. ha)

so some comrades and i headed to a bar in georgetown to watch the game. we only stayed till the third quarter which i think was a good idea considering i already had 3 and a half beers at that point. but i am glad we got out of the house. one tag-a-long might not be, considering they ordered a "bucket" of hot wings. no names being mentioned. you know who you are. i will say, i do wish i ate one...or ten. but ohhh the power of blogging.

anyway, back to the food journal aspect of this adventure:
cereal with soy milk


made plans to go to a pizza place. however, my dinner date, an avid CaB reader, doesn't eat cheese, so i think that will be my healthy balance for this meal. followed by plenty of beers.

baby it's cold outside....

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