the start of something good?

Just like all the other crazies out there trying to improve their life after January 1, I am attempting to resolve my eating habits. Now my resolution is not to eat healthy, lose weight, or even give up anything, it is to create a balance. Which is where the "cheerios and beer" come into play. My thought process is maybe the more cheerios I eat instead of bagels the more beer I can drink, and so on, just an example of course.

Instead of wasting paper and writing down all the "balanced" food I eat, I am deciding to 'go green!' with this endeavor and BLOG! (and I miss blogging and needed something to do everyday)

So it begins:
Vanilla Soy Milk Light
Date Nut Cake
Cheerios/Total Bran Flakes

Packed Lunch from HOME :(
Even though it is great on the wallet it still sucks to have to eat something that you thought of at 6 am. Nothing sounds good that early so when it actually gets to be lunch time you want something completely different. But it resorts back to my actual new years resolution to save moola! hence:
Turkey and chedder pita

tonight we are going out to dinner for a friend's birthday! I looked up at the menu and I am thinking it is going to be a TOFU night. I am sure regular eaters would get creeped out at this thought but since I once played vegan in life I am used to the taste.

happy munching...