so sore.

luckily not everyone in the DC metro area has decided to work out for their new years resolution. I went to the gym after work and I was anticipating all the treadmills, elipicals, weights, etc to be utilized. they weren't. which meant i actually had to work out. plan failed. but anyway, i did the erg (rowing machine lingo) for 10 minutes and did a sprint for a minute and then normal for a minute for 5 and just normal for the other 5. for all of you that have never done the erg, i high recommend it because it is a full body workout--that is, if you do it correctly. after ergging, i did some weights. boring.

sister and i then headed to TARGET! and fyi, they have this section right now in the back of the store with costco/sam's like items. quite a happy camper.

ventured out with diced tofu cooked with soy sauce and "light your ass on fire" sauce with broccoli. successful.

"cougartown" interlude before bed. very funny. monica and phoebe together for the first time since friends!

cereral with soy milk
date nut cake

the MUCH anticipated MOES! i have been thinking about what i am going to order and here it is:
junior burrito with TOFU, black beans (no rice), lettuce, salsa, black olives, and jalapanos. the epitome of balance: no rice, cheese, or queso (a little sad). but i will need a diet coke to top it off with....and chips of course.

"welcome to moes"