(round 2- just got deleted after i was almost done! ugh!)

i have to be honest and update what has been going on in my food life. unfortunately i ended up going to panera on wednesday for lunch. i should have researched a little more before i ordered but i will stick to my good faith effort. i was thinking that i would be pretty safe with the turkey/artichoke/spinach panini if i asked for no cheese and no tomato. WRONG. they left the cheese on and it was not worth the calories. so at least i only ate half. and i am 4 days without diet coke. kill meeeeee. but still proud. i think i might break it tonight. i am really craving it. especially since i am sitting her thinking about not having one....damn.

yesterday i ate the nasty bread with some pb on it. then moes. which last week i couldn't stand it i was so excited. this week--completely different story. i got a "streaker" (no burrito) with just rice, beans, and chicken. pretty depressing. dinner we cooked something VERY similar to lunch: rice, beans, and tofu. but very good none the less.

breakfast i had a craving for a BAGEL. so i decided i should endulge and just make a compromise. so i got a pumpernickel bagel with a side of cream cheese that i only ate half of. i think that was a worthwhile decision. lunch i ate some wheat pasta with tofu. (sister's treat). dinner is TBD.

but enough with the boring, lets talk about the weekend that is FINALLY upon us. tonight we are going to a "rock & roll" show. followed by some partying i hope. tomorrow we are watching some football and drinking some BEERS, then going to a comedy show. sunday i am following up my drink filled weekend with a fitness expo. balance remember?

sorry this is so boring. it has taken me all day to write this. sad.

anyway, stay strong party people. we have to be weekend warriors EVERY weekend when we have jobs.

bottoms up!