nothing too exciting

so yesterday was fun painting the murals around the elementary school. i worked in a classroom painting 3 college logos and then 3 logos for the program that was taught there. everyone seemed very appreciative, excluding the teacher that taught the program. she made us change one of the college logos to her alma mater. kinda annoying. anyway, it was fun overall to get out there and do something different and hang out with some of my co-workers outside of the office. after painting, we headed to grab some lunch: i had a chicken burger with lettuce, tomato, and on flat bread. i think a nice alternative to a beef burger.

nothing really else happened to me yesterday. just another boring monday. glad it is over that is for sure.

dinner: some left over pizza (the one with NO cheese) and pb on RYE bread (the one that taste like you know what).

i am in the midst of finishing my book ("the lovely bones") and i am need a suggestion for the next. help?

breakfast: bagel and cc. i am falling into my old habits but there is nothing like a bagel in the morning. anyway, better luck next time right?

tonight is another night of american idol. looks like i have something to look forward to today....

"lookin' like a fool...."