MLK day!

so unfortunately for me i have to remember what all i ate this weekend. it is unfortunate because i don't want to admit what i ate. so here it goes....

friday dinner:
carrots and peanut butter
wheat thins (this was the only good meal all weekend)

saturday brunch:
avacado, chicken, and honey mustard sandwich--soooooo good!
diet coke (hey, i earned it after a week like that!)

saturday dinner/snacks/drinks:
buffalo wings (ekkk)
too many beers to count
nachos with so much cheese and good stuff i feel bad mentioning it
a handful of sweet potato fries (with sugar)

sunday breakfast:
mini bagel with a little cc
chicken sausages

sunday dinner:
DOMINO'S PIZZA (ahh i am blushing! but it was so worth it) however, i ordered a thin crust pizza withOUT cheese! i think that is balance for sure! but this is where i stumble: FROZEN YOGURT! a mix between chocolate and mango sorbet. soooo good and so worth it.

and here we are today: pumpernickel bagel with reduced fat cc on the side (and i only used half of it!) and a large vanilla hazelnut coffee. einsteins coffee is so good!

i had to make sure i had enough energy for today: i am volunteering for MLK day at a local school and painting school murals in their homeroom classes. it is only for the morning so i am going to be back for the afternoon but it is always nice to give your time.

this week we are back on the wagon. sister is training for a marathon relay and i am training for life (ha. not really). but i do have two weddings coming up and that should be enough motavation to go to the gym. if only my brain saw it that way....

happy MLK day! get out there and volunteer!

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