made it!

today was a TOUGH day. but to clearly understand why it was so tough let me take you back to friday night...

sister and i weren't into going out friday night so we went to 'harry potter' (harris teeter if you don't know the lingo) and got some stuff to make our own pizza. dough included. it was amazing! we also rented 4 redbox movies to go along with it. i won't tell the titles because i do have to save some of my dignity. anyway after a full nights sleep, we got up and went on the mission to IKEA. which is a full day event if you have never been. 3.5 hours later we bought a dresser. little did i know it would take that long to put it together. anyway, at IKEA we decided against our better judgement and ordered.....a cinnimon roll. of course i regretted it after i ate it but the aroma when you walked in was all it took. oh well. you fall off the wagon just to get back on. (i got back on today....). ate potbellys for lunch. and snacked for dinner. i had a gala to go to saturday night that had an open bar. (the real reason i went....). so a couple vodka/sodas behind me, i explored the dessert bar. luckily nothing i craved. met up with sister at one of our fave places in gtown and tried some DUCK. interesting nonetheless. i tasted bbq pork. paired with a bud light. yeah! sunday we walked up to the bagel place and wait for it....i didn't get a BAGEL. i just wanted the coffee. i knew i would have an interesting afternoon and wanted to save up for it.

so here is where my triumph of today comes into play: sunday was the playoff as i am sure you know, and i decided to partake in the festivities. so we headed to a local bar and started off with some 'buckets o' beer' paired with some chicken wings! a perrrrfect game day meal. so three buckets later and 7 shots of who knows what, the games are over. attempting to get up for work was going to be a task i knew.

woke up bright and early only to feel like a semi had run over me and reversed only to do it again. awesome monday. ate a bowl of cereral which wasn't satisfying and then after thinking all morning what i could eat for lunch to make me feel like one million dollars it hit me....JIMMY JOHNS. now i am not sure if you are aware of the great JJ but it makes sandwichs 'so fast you'll freak' and so good you might just get rid of that lingering hangover. and i will say it was a success.

off to power yoga. tomorrow should be a slow day...moving wise.

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