just another day in the neighborhood....

seriously. thank goodness it's friday!

this week has been so hectic. i am going to pass by all the meals that comply with the "healthy balance" and point out everything i should have gone against. starting with....drumroll.....

the drive thru diet. please don't judge me. i was feeling stressed and my fellow "lunch buddy" was all about taco bell. sooo i obliged. i did order from the fresco menu and got bean burrito and chicken taco. neither had cheese and neither were good or satisfying. that is why i stay away from drive thru diets and, more importantly, taco bell.

ate another bagel yesterday morning. this time a "full size" (as i have been eating a mini bagel). but it was only because i had to go get gas and the bagel place is soooo close. and i wanted some good coffee. therefore, another bagel.

i would like to point out my workout yesterday. i got a migraine at work (a really awesome ocular migraine: which means i can't see for about 30 minutes) and figured i should go to the yoga class at my gym. power yoga, actually. it was my first time at a yoga class. i was actually very impressed. it was a FULL body workout along with meditation/relaxation. i don't think i got the full effects, considering when he said "inhale. exhale" i had already taken 3 breaths. whoops. but the class was focuses on the "hip" area. which includes all muscles from your shoulders to your knees. which is what i call "full body workout" but i guess that is just me.

i followed my one and a half hour meditation with a whole food salad. nicely done.

guess what i had this morning for breakfast......a mini bagel. i am not liking this pattern. but it is what it is.

going to drink a boat load of coffee and get on with my FRIDAY. wahooooo.

drinks tonight? i think so....

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