easier said than done

Last night I witnessed the reason why so many dietians/doctors recommend keeping a food journal--it keeps you accountable for sure! As we were sitting down for dinner I was thinking what I was going to order that I wouldn't feel guilty writing on my blog. Sad but true.

Therefore, we ordered just about everything on the menu! We were out celebrating a friends birthday and we wanted to try it all. Hence:

Dinner out with the girls!
Fried Tofu
Fried Okra (personal fave)
Wild Mushroom Flatbread (table fave)
Yucca Fries
Fried Shrimp
Green Curry Chicken (im getting embarrassed to keep going....)
Shredded Beef Tostada
Beef Tenderloin
two more that I can't remember and a glass of my favorite wine--Malbec.

Even though we ordered all this food, we left with a dent in our pocket and a hunger for CUPCAKES! (I only ate a half of one so I feel better about that---good right??)

While indulging our sugar needs, we indulged our trashy reality show needs. First epsiode of the Bachelor was on last night with Jake as the star! Shout out to CRAZY EYES!

Day 5
read yesterday (boring....)

read yesterday (even more boring.....).

to be continued....

happy snacking!